VIVO Y12 Factory Reset With FRP Lock TFM Auth Free Method

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Before Unlocking The VIVO Y12 Factory Reset With FRP Lock TFM Auth Free Method, Make Sure The Following Steps Are Performed.

Supported Few Models list :

  • Y22-Auth Free
  • Y16-Auth Free
  • y33s-Auth Free
  • Y56 5G-Auth Free
  • Y55s 5G-Auth Free
  • Y55 5G-Auth Free
  • Y54s-Auth Free
  • Y11-Auth Free
  • Y02t-Auth Free
  • Y02A-Auth Free
  • X70T Pro 5G-Auth Free
  • X70-Auth Free
  • S12 Pro-Auth Free
  • Y15-Auth Free
  • Y7s-Auth Free
  • Y30G-Auth Free
  • Y27-Auth Free
  • Y53s 4G-Auth Free
  • V25 Pro 5G-Auth Free
  • V17 Neo-Auth Free
  • Y5s-Auth Free
  • Y19-Auth Free
  • Y20G-Auth Free
  • V23 Pro 5G-Auth Free
  • X70 Pro 5G-Auth Free
  • V21E 5G-Auth Free
  • Y72 5G-Auth Free
  • Y76 5G-Auth Free
  • Y75 5G-Auth Free
  • Y52 5G-Auth Free
  • Y15s-Auth Free
  • Y15a-Auth Free
  • Y10-Auth Free
  • Y02s-Auth Free
  • Y3s-Auth Free
  • Y01-Auth Free
  • Y21-Auth Free
  • Y1s-Auth Free
  • Y81D-Auth Free
  • Y81-Auth Free
  • Y20-Auth Free
  • Y30i-Auth Free
  • Y30-Auth Free
  • Y12s-Auth Free
  • Y81s-Auth Free
  • Y83-Auth Free
  • Y17-Auth Free
  • Y3-Auth Free
  • Y12-Auth Free

How to use :

  1. Open TFM Medeatek Module
  2. Brand : VIVO
  3. Model : Y12 Auth Free
  4. Clik on “ Factory Reset With FRP Lock ” Button
  5. Just Insert USB cable to Phone .

Brand : Vivo
Model : Y12-Auth Free
Exe Name : TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3
Exe Version : v1.9.3
Action : Factory Reset With FRP Lock

Checking account info…
UserName: vlog
Expire Date: 2024-06-21 10:58:05
Balance: 0.00 USD

Downloading da file…Ok

Waiting for usb device…
Detected MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM_V1633 (Android) (COM5)

Driver Details
Driver MF MediaTek Inc.
Driver Name wdm_usb
Driver Version 3.0.1504.0
Driver Date 1-22-2015

Connecting to brom…
Successfully connected with brom!

Brom Information…
Chip : MT6765
Hw Code : 0x766
Meid : b6cbab4cfb052a64decfa8a265161f10

Downloading first da…
Transferring control to DA…Ok
Syncing 1st DA sync char…Ok
Syncing 2nd DA sync char…Ok
1st da successfully sended

Downloading second da…Ok
Usb Speed Status : High-Speed

DA Information….

Boot information…
Chip ID : 0xca008a000766
Storage : EMMC
Boot1 : 4.00MB
Boot1 : 4.00MB
Rpmb : 16.00MB
Userarea : 58.24GB
MLC : 0x0
SLC : 0x2
EOL : 0x1
LCycle : 0x0
CID : 1749680528134854893111911826431935096177
MFRID : 0x90
Vendor : SkHynix
Card BGA : BGA (Discrete embedded)
OEMID : 0x4a
Product : hC9aP3:684339615033
Revision : 0.1
Card SN : 00477139
MFDate : 5/2020

Factory Resetting…Ok
FRP Resetting…Ok

Rebooting phone…Ok

Operation Finished!

Elasped Time : [00:min:09:sec]
Saving logs…
Operation/Work ID: 3149803

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