Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G – lime FRP Unlock Remove With UnlockTool

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Before Unlocking The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G – lime FRP Unlock Remove With UnlockTool, Make Sure The Following Steps Are Performed.

Redmi Note 9 4G Test Point:

How to use :

  1. Open UnlockTool
  2. Click on Xiaomi Tab
  3. Click on Redmi Note 9 4G
  4. Clik on [EDL] ERASE FRP Button
  5. Just Insert USB cable to Phone .

[EDL] ERASE FRP Selected Model : Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G
Code Name : lime
Operation : Erase FRP [1]
Authenticating… OK
Retrieving data… OK [270.92 KiB]
Initializing data… OK
Waiting for HS-USB QDLoader 9008… COM4
Connecting to device… OK
Handshaking… OK
Reading bootloader info… OK
Serial : 572632986 SoC : [Snapdragon 662] [SM6115] [0x0014D0E1]
OEM : Xiaomi [0x0072] Model : Unknown [0x0000]
PK_HASH[0] : 1BEBE3863A6781DB4B01086063007334
PK_HASH[1] : DE9E5CA14971C7C4F4358EC9D79CDA46
Writing flash programmer… OK
Connecting to flash programmer… OK
Configuring device… OK
Firehose config : UFS [Sector:4096] [Target:0] [Host:1048576]
Reading partition map… OK – LU Count : 6
Reading software info… OK [super]
Model Name : Lime for arm64
Product Name : lime
Manufacturer : Xiaomi
Platform : lime
Android Version : 10
Security Patch : 2021-09-01
Build ID : Android-Q-build-20210918173437
Build : V12.0.17.0.QJQMIXM
Build Date : Sat Sep 18 18:31:13 CST 2021
MIUI Version : V12
MIUI Build : V12.0.17.0.QJQMIXM
MIUI Region : global
MIUI Locale : en-GB
Erasing FRP… OK
Rebooting… OK

UNLOCKTOOL 2023.08.18.0
Elapsed time : 6 minutes 10 seconds

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